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Belt Magazine is a nonprofit journalism website dedicated to the politics and culture of the Rust Belt and the Midwest.

Launched in 2013 as both an independent book publisher and an online magazine by Anne Trubek, Belt has been heralded by The New York TimesAmerican ProspectColumbia Journalism Review, and elsewhere as a place for complex and nuanced writing by and about the Rust Belt, a region that is all too often oversimplified in the national imagination and the national media.

In November 2017, the magazine relaunched as a nonprofit and remains connected in spirit and mission with the book press.

Belt Publishing can now be found at beltpublishing.com, and remains an important and necessary platform for new and influential voices from the Rust Belt and Midwest.

Belt Magazine now operates as a nonprofit with the support of its readers, philanthropic donors, and foundations that operate in the public interest. With a collective of independent reporters, writers, and photographers who work and live in the region, Belt Magazine aims to fill the void of meaningful coverage of the Rust Belt by a national media centralized in New York City and Washington, D.C., and endeavors to add to a national conversation that is all too often dominated by voices from the coasts.  Find our editorial independence policy and our donor transparency policy here.

Editor in chief, Jordan Heller

Belt Magazine is dedicated to exploring the reawakened regional identity symbolized by abandoned industrial landscapes, corner taverns and unfancy beer, while also giving writers enough space to push past the Shinola-like clichés.” —The New York Times

“The reporting by Belt magazine provided insight from the often forgotten workers here in the Rust Belt.” —Wisconsin Senator Janis Ringhand

Belt Magazine publishes level-headed longform on the Rust Belt.” —Columbia Journalism Review

Belt features longform writing about the Rust Belt by locals who have a nuanced understanding of the area.” —Literary Hub

“With many news organizations struggling to differentiate themselves and stay alive, Belt Magazine is a refreshing example of a publication that’s managed to do both.” —PRNewswire

Belt Magazine publishes stories that offer fresh insight into regional issues and challenges and that stoke smart conversation.”  —Cleveland Plain Dealer

Belt Magazine covers a region often underserved by its daily publications.” —Nieman Lab