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d.a. levy & the Anniversary of the Hough Riots

As the regional headlines mark the 50th anniversary of the Hough Riots, I recall a line in a poem by d.a. levy, observing the madness that erupted from July 18th to July 23rd in East Cleveland... they are looting stores trying to get televisions so they can watch the riots/on the 11 pm news

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A New Cleveland Guidebook

Spend enough time reading “Best of Cleveland” listicles on the internet or browsing tourist brochures, and an image of Cleveland will likely form: a place with music, art, beer, ballgames, and skyscrapers filled with down- to-earth folks.

2016-06-16T10:17:31+00:00 May 28th, 2016|

Some Surprising Numbers From Cleveland

There were fewer people living in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood in 2013 than there were in 2000. That is one of many surprising facts in The Cleveland Foundation's The Pulse: A Look at Greater Cleveland by the Numbers.

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