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“With a focus on the industrial Midwest, Belt is the nation’s new literary darling.” – American Prospect

Belt is the only independent media company devoted the Rust Belt – a region that now more than ever demands national attention. Through our books and reporting we are committed to telling the complex truth of the Rust Belt. We are not afraid to poke at sacred cows or examine the contradictory realities of life in the industrial Midwest. And we’re committed to both paying our writers and keeping our content paywall free.

Since its founding in 2013, Belt has been primarily funded by you, our readers. No corporate bosses or advertisers dictate our coverage. But your continued financial support is essential to our survival. With your help we can continue to tell important stories from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and beyond, delivering insightful, original coverage not just of economics and policy but of the culture, literature, and ecology of the region.

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