Your Band Sucks: An Interview With Jon Fine

Jon Fine is a longtime business writer currently serving as executive editor of Inc. magazine, a James Beard-award winning food and wine writer, and the former guitarist for such barely-known bands as Bitch Magnet, Vineland, and Coptic Light.

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An Interview with Sarah Carson

Sarah Carson’s new collection of prose poems, Buick City, begins with freight trains rattling past Flint’s closed automotive plants, and ends with a mechanic spitting on the city’s grave.

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Ballad of a Pencil Junkie

In the old days at The New Yorker, when your pencil point got dull, you just tossed it aside and picked up a new one. There was an office boy who came around in the morning with a tray of freshly sharpened wooden pencils.

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What Philip Levine’s Work Is

Philip Levine’s father came to the United States from Russia, traveling across the ocean all by himself at age eleven. He grew up in New York City with two older sisters and their families. His path to Detroit was an extraordinary one ...

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