My Acceptance Letter

I had a literary agent when I was 23. My agent represented John Knowles, Garrison Keillor and me, among others. The agency had even handled Churchill.

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Your Band Sucks: An Interview With Jon Fine

Jon Fine is a longtime business writer currently serving as executive editor of Inc. magazine, a James Beard-award winning food and wine writer, and the former guitarist for such barely-known bands as Bitch Magnet, Vineland, and Coptic Light.

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An Interview with Sarah Carson

Sarah Carson’s new collection of prose poems, Buick City, begins with freight trains rattling past Flint’s closed automotive plants, and ends with a mechanic spitting on the city’s grave.

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Ballad of a Pencil Junkie

In the old days at The New Yorker, when your pencil point got dull, you just tossed it aside and picked up a new one. There was an office boy who came around in the morning with a tray of freshly sharpened wooden pencils.

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