Buffalo, New York’s Midwest Identity

Buffalo, NY isn't always considered to be part of the Midwest, but in Belt Publishing's How To Speak Midwestern, author Edward McClelland defines the area as the land west of Exit 41 on the New York State Thruway, east of the Missouri River, and north of the Ohio River.

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Making Music in Buffalo

Our story begins with a chance meeting in Buffalo at Nietzsche’s. It was a winter Sunday afternoon in 1988 and both of our groups were scheduled to play together.

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North Park, With and Without Hate

Walk down Hertel Avenue and see the mix of cultures: hipster cafes and old Italian red-sauce restaurants and halal butchers and louche interior design stores and pubs where young Americans have decided they’re huge Barça fans.

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Latte City or Just City? Will Blacks Rise or be Forgotten in the New Buffalo?

In black neighborhoods scattered across Buffalo’s East Side, residents must be wondering what all this Buffalo Happy Talk is about. Buffalo is not a happy city for most of them. It never has been. When black folks look around Buffalo, they see the city being recreated for whites: college-educated millennials, the creative classes, refined, middle-aged urbanites, and retired suburbanites.

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Notes from the Expatriate Underground

We were so tired of those people—the ones who had moved away from Buffalo, but still wanted to lay claim to it. The ones who gathered at Buffalo taverns in various cities to cheer (or grieve) the Bills, but didn’t have to think about the rusting steel mills along Route 5, or the problems of the second poorest city in the United States, or the constant infighting on the School Board.

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Right Here, Right Now: Introducing the Buffalo Anthology

This is the book I wish existed when I moved to Buffalo. It’s a book for long-time residents who want to spend a few minutes or an afternoon thinking about their city. It’s for those who’ve moved away but still feel nostalgic when they get a whiff of Cheerios or see a towering elm or watch the Bills fumble in the end zone.

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