Lockdown City

NATO held its international meeting in Chicago a couple months before I decided to quit driving a cab in 2012. Mayor Emanuel turned the city into a militarized showplace for the visitors' benefit.

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Bygone Neighborhoods / Luminous Effects

Every city is a text. You can read the city. My favorite way to read Chicago is like a book of poetry. Not necessarily straight through but jumping around, page to page, focusing hard on one thing, then flipping past others ...

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Summer Girl … and Other Duties as Assigned

Chicago’s Greyhound terminal in late Aug. 1966 certainly lacked cheer and charm, and perhaps safety. But to me, holding a one-way ticket back to Calumet County, WI, it was a suitable escape platform from my job as a “Summer Girl”

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A Rust Belt Playlist

The story of the industrial Midwest can be told through the music it inspired. From John Lee Hooker to MC5 to Eminem, here's our playlist of 20 Rust Belt tunes.

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