Hamtramck: Where Diversity Rules

Residents of Hamtramck say they know the secret to a peaceful existence among those of varied cultural backgrounds and faiths: close living. On Evaline Street, cream-colored homes with balconies stand a few feet apart ...

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Caring For All Parts: Hadad Farm

On the east side of Detroit sits an old two-story house washed sky blue. The paint is chipped and the windows are barred with thick grey metal. It is my grandmother’s house of over fifty years.

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Happy Birthday, Jackass!

It is with great pride that we at Belt announce the birth of our newest book: Aaron Foley's How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass, which officially hits the streets today.

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Police Story

The record store was about two miles from our neighborhood and about one mile beyond the city limits. As teenagers a friend and I would go there whenever we had a little money ...

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Planting Seeds of Hope

In 1988, We in Detroit were at one of the great turning points in history. Detroit’s deindustrialization, devastation, and depopulation had turned the city into a wasteland ...

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