Midnight in the Rust Belt

There is the idea of “Morning in America," and that of the “Rust Belt." The first brings to mind an emerging light that will show us forward. The second deals in all that is against us ...

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Inner Belt Beauty

Driving across the Inner Belt Bridge on my way home from a trip to Bogota, I see the cityscape rise before me, lights twinkling and traffic whizzing by, and cynically think to myself that Cleveland looks like a hundred other mid-size cities.

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The Roots of Rust Belt Chic

I first heard the term “Rust Belt Chic” in Youngstown, Ohio, from a young software developer named John Slanina. Slanina was driving me around the Yo, as he called it, in a Ford Taurus with a bacon-scented air freshener ...

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Austin, Cleveland, and the Cost of Cool

When Leslie Cochran, the most famous homeless man in Austin, Texas, died last year, the city, whose unofficial slogan was “Keep Austin Weird,” became a little less weird and quite a bit more square.

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The Biggest Little-Known Book Award

No one stumbles upon the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award collection at the Cleveland Public Library. The books are shelved in three locked cabinets of the Treasure Room, a drum-tight chamber in Special Collections.

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S & M in the CLE

I am in an S & M relationship with Cleveland. I am Cleveland’s slave. For me the “S” of Cleveland’s sadism stands for “seasonal.” All winter long, I withstand what Cleveland wants me to withstand.

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