The Slumlords We Love

Ken bursts through the front door of the Bel-Aire office wielding a can of wasp spray. The woman who ran in just before Ken is, to understate matters, distressed, and both are screaming at each other.

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Friday Link Roundup

Whether or not fracking actually helps Rust Belt economies, a new journal of midwest culture, the Cleveland Fed talks to reporters, and where people go when they move out of your city.

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Repurposing Old Rail Stations in the Rust Belt

Marilyn Rodgers could do just about anything with her Saturday off, but instead she chooses to vacuum a train terminal. The executive director of Buffalo’s Central Terminal Restoration Corporation (CTRC), a nonprofit that’s rehabilitating the city’s vacant train station, goes up and down yards of original Terrazzo flooring, sucking up dirt with an industrial-strength cleaner. “I have to clean my house,” she jokes of the 523,000 square foot space where she frequently visits.

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Friday Link Roundup

Ferguson and #blacktwitter, the Cleveland Browns do something right, buying a house with cash, the blues and a Wisconsin chair factory, climate change and the Midwest, and that potato salad Kickstarter guy.

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