The Last, First Miami Speakers

The story of the Miami language over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is one of fracture and dissolution. In this it is not unique among Native languages—or cultures. In fact, it’s difficult to talk about one without the other.

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The Urban Rural

When I have written about Roseland it is usually about tragedy and trauma as the result of generations of neglect. When I tell white people where I live, their response always begins with a recollection

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Refugees In The Rust Belt

While the USA wrestles with the politics and policies of immigration and refugees, Belt presents nine moving essays about refugees living throughout the Rust Belt…

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Before It Was Hingetown

Hingetown was born as a branding exercise in 2013 on the warm corpse of Cleveland’s queer scene. Anchored by the brick Striebinger block at West 29th and Detroit Shoreway, and extending down West 25th...

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Some Surprising Numbers From Cleveland

There were fewer people living in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood in 2013 than there were in 2000. That is one of many surprising facts in The Cleveland Foundation's The Pulse: A Look at Greater Cleveland by the Numbers.

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