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Cincinnati Anthology


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We are proud of our city. We have memories and moments. We’re not satisfied. We have thoughts to shape the future. Changes we want to see to make our city better. But more than anything, we have a love of this place, and the people that make it so. We have stories.

Featuring essays, photographs, and art from Curtis Sittenfeld, Katie Laur, David Falk, John Curley, Cedric Michael Cox, Polk Laffoon IV, Over The Rhine, Jack Heffron, Sam LeCure, Michael Wilson, Rebecca Morgan Frank, Scott Devendorf, and many more.



To The People of Cincinnati: An Introduction – Zan McQuade
Geology Is Destiny – Polk Laffoon IV
Love Letter to Cincinnati – David Falk
Spans – Nick Dewald
Over-the-Rhine – Sarah Wesseler
Signifier Signified – Maya Drozdz
My City In Two Dog Parks – Brian Trapp
Price Hill Portraits – Michael Wilson
Pushing the Racial Dialogue in Cincinnati – Tifanei Moyer
Freestore Foodbank – Curtis Sittenfeld
FOMO – Kate Westrich
#5Things – Sam LeCure
Pete Rose – Jack Heffron
Great American Ballpark – John Curley
This Triste Little Town – Rebecca Morgan Frank
Growing Up Half-Black in Cincinnati – Alex Schutte
Personal Botany – Garrett Cummins
First City/Polyphonic Monuments – Cedric Michael Cox
Conversations with Irma – Katie Laur
Queen City Grooves – David Bottoms
Untitled – Scott Devendorf
Called Home – Over The Rhine
Neither Created Nor Destroyed – Jenny Ustick
Cincinnatus – Aaron Delamatre
Edited by Zan McQuade; Designed by Chris Glass, additional illustrations by Russell Ihrig

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