Dispatches From the Rust Belt: The Best of Belt Magazine
Edited by Anne Trubek
October 2014

A print anthology of our favorite pieces from Belt Magazine’s first year. Dispatches From the Rust Belt includes stories about Great Lakes waterfronts, faux-authentic restaurants in Detroit, and the history of Cleveland’s Chief Wahoo. Experienced journalists who recognized early on the importance of what we are doing, such as Gordon Young—whose cautionary tale “Attention Would-Be Urban Homesteaders: Think Before You Buy” is a must-read for anyone seduced—share these pages with new writers who found a voice with us, such as Amanda Shaffer, whose “Busing: A White Girls’ Tale” received national recognition. Taken as a whole, Dispatches expands our map of the Rust Belt, giving shape and voice to its history, its culture, its economy, and its future.

Contributors include Jacqueline Marino, Edward McClelland, Dan McGraw, Laura Putre, Brad Ricca, Erick Trickey, and others.


Anne Trubek is the founder and publisher of Belt Magazine and Belt Publishing. Formerly a tenured professor at Oberlin College, she is the author of A Skeptic’s Guide To Writers’ Houses and the forthcoming The History and Uncertain Future of Handwriting

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