For almost a decade, Belt Magazine has published reporting and essays that are of the Rust Belt, by the Rust Belt, and for the Rust Belt. In a year that saw the continuing coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the midterm elections, and the growing devastations of climate change, Belt has been there to offer its own unique perspective on how our region intersects with the world. In 2022, the site has covered historic coal fields and toxic waste, indigenous cuisine and corn detasseling, ecological restoration and country music. As always a year of both triumphs and tragedies, but Belt has been there and will continue to be there offering the perspective from Cleveland and Detroit, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, Chicago and Minneapolis. Contributors include Belt regulars, Avery Gregurich, Julia Shiota, Yanick Rice Lamb, Jonathan Dale, Lori Jakiela, and many more. Details: Paperback, 198 pages.