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Belt Magazine is a digital publication by and for the Rust Belt and greater Midwest. Founded by Anne Trubek in 2013, we’re known for compelling longform reportage and poignant personal essays, as well as poetry, commentary, interviews, and photography. Like our partner project, Belt Publishing, we believe in quality over quantity and community over analytics, and we’re dedicated to publishing thoughtful, nuanced writing about the past, present, and future of the region.

Belt Magazine is published by Belt Media Collaborative, a nonprofit corporation supported by individual members, philanthropic donors, grantmaking organizations and foundations operating in the public interest. Find our editorial independence and donor transparency policies here.

Belt’s impact goes beyond what we publish. We are committed to fostering a larger conversation around the past, present, and future of the region through events, partnerships, and other collaborative projects. Join us—become a member or make a tax-deductible contribution today.

Praise for Belt Magazine

“Belt Magazine, with its focus on the industrial Midwest, is the nation’s new literary darling.” —The American Prospect

“Belt Magazine publishes stories that offer fresh insight into regional issues and challenges and that stoke smart conversation.”  —Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Belt Magazine is dedicated to exploring the reawakened regional identity…while also giving writers enough space to push past the Shinola-like clichés.” —The New York Times

“[Belt] has served as a thoughtful foil to national-media characterizations of the region as either hopelessly dystopic or cheerfully rebounding, sticking instead to a knotty middle.” – Chicago Tribune


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Post: P.O. Box 6014, Cleveland, OH 44101


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