Dispatches From the Rust Belt 2022


For almost a decade, Belt Magazine has published reporting and essays that are of the Rust Belt, by the Rust Belt, and for the Rust Belt. In a year that saw the continuing coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the midterm elections, and the growing devastations of climate change, Belt has been there to offer its own unique perspective on how our region intersects with the world. In 2022, the site has covered historic coal fields and toxic waste, indigenous cuisine and corn detasseling, ecological restoration and country music. As always a year of both triumphs and tragedies, but Belt has been there and will continue to be there offering the perspective from Cleveland and Detroit, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, Chicago and Minneapolis.

Contributors include Belt regulars, Avery Gregurich, Julia Shiota, Yanick Rice Lamb, Jonathan Dale, Lori Jakiela, and many more.

Details: Paperback, 198 pages.




Collecting our favorite stories from 2022, featuring:

Introduction by Ed Simon

Arts and Culture

“Listening to America with Studs Terkel” by Avery Gregurich
“Minnesota Sound” by Julia Shiota
“Chicago was Almost a Country Town” by Jonathan Dale
“The Ohio Organization Rekindling Indigenous Foodways” by Zeb Larson
“Faith in Movement” by Sherrie Flick


“Pro-Basketball’s Rust Belt Roots” by Vince Guerrieri
“The Rise and Fall of ‘New Work’ in Flint” by Eva Rosenfeld
“Ukrainian Pittsburgh in Five Acts” by Ed Simon
“Gwendolyn Brooks’s Bronzeville” by Angie Chatman
“Remembering the Minneapolis General Strike of 1934” by Caleb Brennan

Politics and City Life

“Reconsidering Public Housing in America” by Anjulie Rao
“Why Wisconsin’s 1858 Abortion Law Matters Now” by Christina Lieffring
“One Woman’s Quest to Defy the Odds of Addiction” by Aryana Noroozi
“J. D. Vance’s Long Con” by Skylar Baker-Jordan
“The Wisconsin GOP’s Dangerous Attacks on Democracy” by Dan Shafer

Geography and Environment

“In the ‘Rubber Capital of the World,’ Health Consequences Linger” by Yanick Rice Lamb
“The Death and Life of the Great Black Swamp” by Ashley Stimpson
“Fire and Brimstone in Southeast Chicago” by Lily Scherlis
“Welcome to ReCreation Land” by Sarah Hume
“Uncovering America’s First Oil Landscape” by Jake Maynard

First Person

“Home/Lands” by Kasey Keeler
“Detasseling Corn, Less Fun Than It Sounds” by Bob Zeni
“Figments of a Pittsburgh Imagination” by Lori Jakiela
“Indigenous Hauntings” by Sasha Maria Suarez
“My American Windows” by Jan Worth-Nelson