Friday August 7: If it is the first Friday of the month, it is time to go to Cleveland Museum of Art’s MIX. Trust us: everyone else will be there.

Saturday August 8No Saturday in August should be without a trip to the North Union Farmer’s Market in Shaker Square. Buy some extra ears of corn for us.

Sunday August 9: Is it nice out? Take a bike ride. Need a good tune-up or suggestions for a route? Head to the community-based Joy Machines Bike Shop in Ohio City.

Monday August 10: Never worry about finding a good place to eat on a Monday night, because the delicious, friendly, sophisticated Toast is open.

Tuesday August 11: Are you too young to vote and love to write? Lake Erie Ink is the place for you.It may be the friendliest place on the east side. Stop by and introduce yourself.

Wednesday August 12: Call in sick and sneak out to Lorain County, because Wednesday means Jamie’s Flea Market. Don’t believe those other websites: this is the best thrifting in Ohio.

Thursday August 13: Take a hike through the Gateway District. Those people you will see acting all old-timey and dressed funny? They are actors performing scenes from Cleveland’s history.


Belt has some great events scheduled for September, and members receive discounts on tickets. Hint, hint.