We’re so happy to announce that we’ll be celebrating the release of Right Here, Right Now: The Buffalo Anthology, on December 10 at Buffalo’s Market Arcade. If you’re in the neighborhood between 4 and 6 pm, please join us! Editor Jody K. Biehl and a host of contributors will read from the book; there’ll be snacks, and drinks available at the adjacent Market Expo bar. And, of course, there’ll be books available, courtesy of our friends at Talking Leaves … Books, Buffalo’s oldest independent bookstore, to make it easy for you to stock up for the holidays.

bflo-anth-covers-300dpi-300x450Our Buffalo book — beautifully designed by Julian Montague — was one of our most ambitious city anthologies to date, with more than fifty contributors ranging from Wolf Blitzer to Margaret Sullivan to Henry Louis Taylor, Jr. telling stories of Buffalo past and present, and peering curiously into the city’s future. We’d love for you to join us to celebrate its arrival on the scene.

You can read Jody K. Biehl’s introduction here.  And here’s what some early readers have had to say:

“Not another exercise in blind boosterism, this collection fearlessly notes the dark side of an ethnically and racially divided town, of glory days fading as the tax base evaporates, of history ripped down for the paltriest of motives. Oh, the fond memories of food and fellowship are here too, but they are tempered with refreshing reality. Buffalo on the rise deserves this smart and well-written song to itself.”– Michael Healy, TV executive, movie writer, and producer.

The Buffalo Anthology is as vibrant and full of surprises as the city it celebrates…Church bells and meat raffles, the East Side and the Broadway Market, racism, the courage of immigrants old and new—they’re all here. There’s good food, great music and poetry, and a large cast of unforgettable characters. In this epic and essential volume, as Jody K. Biehl writes in her beautiful introduction, “Buffalo’s scrappy weirdness endures.”—Mick Cochrane, English professor at Canisius College and author of Flesh Wounds.

Can’t make it to the party? Order a copy — or ten — direct from Belt, right here, right now.