By Margot Armbruster 

In line for the artist market with my friend
more pessimistic than even me, I ask him
where he’d like to live someday. Holding a
Hart Crane bio we got at the used bookstore
he says eventually, Chicago. The US will fare
well in the resource wars of coming decades,
and that far north by the Great Lakes you’ll
stay well-fed. Plus there’s the question of
culture, where Windy City blues give a strong
show. Hmm, I say, yeah, we’ll see where
I end up after I graduate. He smiles, talks to
the guy selling lemonade and raspberries,
and I thumb through a pile of pillow lace.
To my question, I’d thought New York, but
he’s right, they’ll be underwater soon already,

Margot Armbuster is a writer from Wisconsin.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.