Do you ever think — “gee I should move to Detroit to pursue my art/tech start-up/raise a family because I hear it is so cheap and hip — but I don’t want to be all white or coastal privilege-y about it?” If so, our guidebook, to be published in Fall 2015, is a must-have. Written by Detroit native Aaron Foley, the book covers topics such as

  • how (or how not to) gentrify
  • why Vernor’s is the best pop (not soda) you’ll ever drink
  • why it’s ok to live in the suburbs
  • how to avoid living for years without a furnace if you decide to buy a fixer upper
  • why you should never call Aretha Franklin a Motown artist

And more!

The book will be perfect for, as Foley puts it, “newcomers, wannabe gentrifiers, clueless suburbanites, Detroit haters and everyone in between.”


Pre-order a signed copy here.