OK, let’s be real. No one in Cleveland was thinking about the RNC this week. But now that the tickertape’s being cleaned up, it’s game time. This week on the convention prep front:

Cleveland faces some significant design challenges in securing the convention zone. So far, at least, no one has suggested building a wall. (Wired)

The Q is being de-LeBron’ed. (CBS Sports)

And it’s happening FAST. (Cleveland.com)

Joining an ever-growing list of corporations opting out, Apple has declined to provide financial or tech support to the convention. (Politico)

While the dump-Trump movement gathers momentum, and cash. (CNN)

And the candidate himself dumped his campaign manager. (Esquire)

Still, the RNC refuses to get down in the dumps. Because who can resist a good Cavs analogy? Not Reince Preibus. (Politico)


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