By Viatrix Curry

I went to the pond we denied as kids
Everything was the color of all nature’s colors mixed together
The mud, the mussels we used to step on, the minnows that kissed our ankles,
The bluegill fins under the bobbers of our bamboo poles,
The rocks,
The crayfish

I walked the dirt two-track where we hunted arrows on an afternoon
Cheap field points we shot into the sun

I kneeled at the stump where we laid the Ford agate,
Made up spells and secrets,
Swore about our parents

I drove by the swamp
At twilight to see if it still glowed green
I will always carry everything ■



Viatrix Curry is a Michigan native, writer and artist living in Toledo. Her poetry has appeared in Empty Mirror and Blue Monday Review. Her creative non-fiction has recently appeared in Catapult and No Depression.

Cover image: ckay/Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

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