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Why Is Pittsburgh Being Called The New Darling Destination? [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
If there were a drinking game for every time a media outlet “rediscovered” Pittsburgh, after this past week, this city would be under the table.

Designs Sought For Fort Wayne Riverfront Promenade [The Journal Gazette]
“This is an important next step in creating a riverfront destination that will spur economic growth … Our community worked together to create a vision of a downtown riverfront with something for everyone. Now, it’s time to take action on that vision and develop the specific designs needed to build the promenade.”

University Of Akron Layoffs Include All Employees In Multicultural Center And UA Press [Plain Dealer]
All staff in the University of Akron’s Multicultural Center and the UA Press were among those notified Tuesday that they had lost their jobs. Layoffs continued at the university for a second day as 161 employees are being let go.

White Officer Pepper-Sprays Crowd At Black Lives Matter Summit In Cleveland [The Guardian]
According to the Greater Cleveland regional transit authority, its officers were taking an intoxicated teenage bus rider to a police station just as the conference was ending about 5pm. A large crowd blocked the squad car and tried to get the youngster out. One of the officers turned and began pepper-spraying the crowd.

Satanic Temple Holds Public Sculpture Unveiling In Detroit [Reuters]
Due to planned demonstrations, the group, which is opposed to Bible-themed displays on government land, kept the location of the unveiling of its 9-foot-tall monument secret until the last moment, when it emailed the information to ticket holders.

Kaisertown Resident’s Gridlock Lacquer Puts Polish On City [The Buffalo News]
Menchetti looked into buying colors from a large manufacturer and custom-labeling them, but during her research, she learned she could mix her own nail polish. She bought a few starter kits and began to experiment, which resulted in her first collection of nail polishes, with nods to Buffalo in every name. A year and a half later, Menchetti has released lines for Niagara Falls, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and a Buffalo neighborhoods collection, as well as spring, summer and winter holiday collections for Buffalo.

The Smartest Route To Pittsburgh [IOL]
Pittsburgh was an easy choice of destination. We wanted to get away for a few days from Washington’s sweltering heat. We didn’t want to cram ourselves into an overpriced and undersized New York City hotel room. We love the beach, but at the last minute there weren’t rooms available. So we eyeballed Pittsburgh as a place with a beguiling combination of natural beauty, urban quirkiness, and the all-important virtue of proximity.

What University Presses Have Done for Urban Design [Next City]
No wonder, then, that university presses have shouldered the urbanism genre. It’s not just because universities employ many of the tenure-seeking academics penning these books; it’s because risk-averse mainstream publishers aren’t convinced that this work is worthwhile.

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