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Federal Grant To Aid Startup Companies In Upstate New York [The Buffalo News]
“High growth potential business are the job creators … and something we have to support. “Who better than us to get rid of that Rust Belt reputation and turn us into … the economy we can be? Finally, it’s not about a Rust Belt economy or loss of jobs.”

When Was The First Traffic light installed? Today in 1914 [Vox Transportation]
For most of history, roads have been chaotic, shared public spaces, packed with horses, handcarts, merchants, pedestrians, and children. As much as any other invention, the traffic signal gave rise to the carefully controlled, highly automated thoroughfares we think of as roads today.

State’s New Auto Talent Program Aimed At Students [The Detroit News]
Kevin Kerrigan, senior vice president of the MEDC’s automotive office, said the state wants to let people know about the talent pool here in Michigan and attract more talent to Michigan. He said the program, which it has been working on for the past year, will have a focus on kindergarten through high-schoolers, he said. “There’s a perception in the auto industry that this is the Rust Belt,” Kerrigan said. “It’s very far from that today.”

The Big-Ag-Fueled Algae Bloom That Won’t Leave Toledo’s Water Supply Alone [Mother Jones]
For the second time in a week, the city placed the water under “watch” status on Saturday. “Microcystin is detected in the intake crib in Lake Erie, but not in the tap water,” a city notice states. “Our water treatment process is effectively removing the microcystin.” Not fully reassured after the shock of last year’s nasty surprise, Toledo residents are clearing retail shelves of bottled water, forcing some stores to limit how much consumers can buy at once.

Chicago’s New Plastic Bag Ban Could Cut Into Wheeling Company’s Bottom Line [The Daily Herald]
“A lot of city stores are going to be changing manufacturers. If our business slows down because of the ban, we’re not going to need as many employees.”

Under The Bridge Mural Project Kicks Off [Lansing State Journal]
… the mural project is part of economic development push to change the image of a small, Rust Belt community to “an international, global community.” “Public art display not only shifts that image toward one of sophistication, but it also ultimately helps corporations who are trying to attract families from Stockholm, or London, or Denver or MSU.”

Essay Highlights Thriving Erie Businesses []
“What’s important is that we’re not Rust Belt community. I think we need to get the message across. This is the region who’s advanced manufacturing is thriving.”

Banner photo by Lee Chilcote

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