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Windows at Michigan Central: Curbed’s Exclusive Pix [Curbed]
… the project to install 1000 new windows in the blighted train station, an icon of Detroit ruin pornography that many in the city feel a special connection to. No word yet on any possible redevelopment of the station. Detroiters are pushing hard for it, though, and the idea is starting to attain critical mass.

Can’t Get Enough: Ohio’s Sweet Corn History Is Poppin’ Good [Plain Dealer]
“Some have compared the spread of corn across the United States to the sweeping conquest of the great empire builders. It is an apt comparison. Corn made it possible to ‘conquer’ the frontier with astonishing speed and created an empire of farms, transportation, and cities that made the country wealthy. The Midwest is not where corn started, but it is where it became powerful.”

The Heroin Epidemic’s Toll: One County, 70 Minutes, Eight Overdoses [The Washington Post]
“There’s been a progressive increase in overdoses the last two years, and it just went out of control. I’ve been a police officer for 27 years and worked narcotics for the last 15, and this is the worst. I’d be glad to have the crack epidemic back.”

McNeely: Detroit Can Become A Green Building Leader [The Detroit News]
Years ago, Detroit’s beautiful architecture earned it the nickname “the Paris of the West.” Today, as we embark on an opportunity to revitalize Detroit and remake it in a way that can serve as an example for recovering Rust Belt cities, we should seek to ensure that it earns a new moniker: the Green Building Capital of the World.

Buffalo’s Tech Scene Reboots The City [USA Today]
What’s happening in Buffalo is a departure from the stereotypical view of a city often associated with frigid winters, the Rust Belt and the site of a presidential assassination more than a century ago. But the city of “Good Neighbors” is shedding its decades-old image, and in the process is drawing comparisons to Austin on steroids, brimming with funky culture and Art Deco architecture that can leave visitors slack jawed.

Akron Loves Devo [Here & Now]
This piece of public art is designed to capture the moment in the band’s career when they made the leap from hometown heroes to worldwide fame.

Weekly Slow Roll Bike Trips Showcase The ‘New Rust Belt’ Side Of Buffalo [The Buffalo News]
Organizers say Slow Roll fits with the narrative of not only a “new Buffalo” – a revitalized city that has become a destination rather than an also-ran – but a “new Rust Belt.”

Discarded Celebrity Waxworks Given New Life At BibleWalk Museum In Ohio [The Telegraph]
Wax models have been acquired by the BibleWalk museum in Mansfield in Ohio, USA, which was founded in 1983. The museum features over 300 figures rescued from closed or failing waxwork museums.

Banner photo credit: Jason Paris

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