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Quicken Case Could Define Worker Free-speech Rules [Detroit Free Press]
The NLRB complaint against Quicken says its worker rules violate the National Labor Relations Act that permits workers to discuss pay and other policies for the purposes of organizing for collective bargaining. The agency is not seeking monetary damages but wants Quicken to rewrite its employee rules and educate employees about their rights under the law.

Love At First Crunch; How Crickets Could Be The Future Of Food [CNN]
Crickets … are twice as efficient as chickens at converting feed to meat, and 12 times more efficient than cattle. Their water and land requirements are a mere fraction of those required for cows. They also produce 100 times less greenhouse gases and have high levels of calcium and iron. Serious food for thought.

Inside the Dollars and Cents of Cleveland’s Latest High-Speed Internet Investment [Next City]
Thirteen years and 2,400 miles of fiber-optic cable later, the community’s collective vision got sweet validation earlier this month — in the form of a $50 million private investment in that super-high-speed network they built. The bigger picture reveals how a community-owned asset has grown up. In a post-industrial Rust Belt, it’s also a Cinderella story with several possible precedents set along the way.

From the photo archives of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette — “It’s like walking into a tomb” [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
“At the site, there is an eerie sense of quiet. The air smells of dust, rust and the slightly acrid odor of coke gas wafting out of a pipeline that a USX contractor is removing ….”

Empty School Buildings In Flint Now Magnets For Crime And Arson [The Flint Journal]
Flint police and fire have received 2,639 calls for service, or an average of 1.3 calls per day, at the district’s closed school buildings and properties left vacant from demolitions from 2010 through the end of the 2014-2015 school year, according to information obtained by The Flint Journal through a Freedom of Information Act request.

It’s Official: ConAgra Is Chicago-Bound — But At What Cost? [Crain’s Chicago Buisiness]
ConAgra CEO Connolly confirmed the company will lease approximately 170,000 square feet in the Merchandise Mart and move roughly 400 people from Naperville and 300 from Omaha.

Reshaping The Rust Belt Through Immigrant Talent [Fresh Water Cleveland]
Welcoming groups in Cleveland,  Dayton, Detroit and St. Louis promote immigrant integration within the region, while public officials in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh have been vocal about foreign-born entrepreneurs serving as a catalyst for spurring business creation and rebuilding downtrodden neighborhoods.