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Recent Growth And Decline of Children In Major Metropolitan Areas [New Geography]
From 2010 to 2014, the percentage of the population of residents under the age of 18 shrank in every single metro area with more than a million people. This reflects the aging of the population in progress. But it’s not just that there are more older people. In about half of these major American metros, the actual number of children declined.

Mapping Your Neighborhood In Cleveland And Akron [Will Skora]
Where does a neighborhood’s boundary begin and end; What does a neighborhood’s name mean to a particular person; How do their boundaries and names change over time and from person to person.

Terry Rozier’s Long Outside Shot [Boston Globe]
It is not that dreams die in Youngstown, Ohio, it is that they often never sprout to begin with. Once a bustling steel town, it has deteriorated like many others in the Rust Belt. One of the primary industries now is incarceration, as there are three correctional facilities within the city limits.

Dick Van Dyke Steps In To Save His Childhood Home [Chicago Tribune]
News stories about the threat to the two-story home in Danville [IL], condemned because of its tumbledown condition, reached the 89-year-old actor during the summer. He announced over the weekend that the house will be restored as headquarters for a new foundation to provide scholarships to accomplished young performers.

Pittsburgh Gains National Reputation As Hub For Preventing Computer Hacks [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
“The businesses we have here have advanced Pittsburgh based on their technological acumen, but as a result, those businesses have ideas, and research and products that cyber criminals are very interested in stealing.”

Dave Coulier Likes What He Sees In Buffalo [The Buffalo News]
Though Coulier, now 56, left home for L.A. at 19, he’s still close to the Rust Belt. His dad still lives in Detroit and Coulier, who visits home regularly, is involved with the Red Wings through charity hockey games. He’s seen the collapse of industrial cities, including his hometown, and including Buffalo, where he last stayed in 2006. Now, he’s seeing them rebuild … In Buffalo, he sees it in places like HarborCenter and Canalside (where the excavation of original canal lines caught his attention) and RiverWorks.

More Jobs, Money And Products To Be Made In U.S. Due To Utica Region [The Review]
“We’re not standing on a natural resource in my opinion, we are standing on jobs. These are opportunities for all those steel workers and auto workers who lost jobs over the generations to have the opportunity to figure out how to go to work.”

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