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Is There Room For A ‘Silicon Strip’ In Pittsburgh? [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
“Every one of us expressed a lot of frustration that every story about Pittsburgh starts with the Rust Belt. What a great way to replace it. Let’s sweep away the rust and instead have silicon.”

A Tribute To The Rust Belt, Carefully Crafted From Domestic Decay [Hyperallergic]
The Rust Belt’s lost heyday of industry and prosperity may have inspired Schenkelberg’s domestic-themed collapse, but “Swan Song” could reflect any place that’s fallen on hard times — a lack of specificity that makes it feel stronger on aesthetics than personal meaning.

These Haunting Images Of Abandoned Houses Will Send Chills Down Your Spine [New York Daily News]
“I wanted people to see these images and see that these are some of the last images of these American cities that are still alive — Detroit, Akron, Youngstown and across the Rust Belt. I want people to see the fact that we’ve lost millions of manufacturing jobs to outsourcing and globalization. Sometimes images can convey that better. I want people to see these images and be a little afraid.”

Forbes: Indiana A Top-10 State For Business For The First Time [WISH-TV]
“The state’s economy has fared better than most Rust Belt neighbors because Indiana’s significant manufacturing base is dependent upon a highly skilled labor force.”

Chicago’s Tech Talent Often Grows Away [Chicago Tribune]
As the Midwest’s largest, most vibrant city — one that sees itself as a global economic and cultural force — Chicago attracts a wealth of talent from surrounding states. But cities like San Francisco, New York, Boston and Los Angeles serve as even more powerful magnets to Chicagoans who conclude that greener pastures await them on the coasts.

10 Ghosts And Legends Of The Ohio River Valley [Listverse]
Once the gateway to the American West, the Ohio River Valley is better known today for economically vital cities like Pittsburgh and Louisville as well as pockets of rural and Rust Belt poverty. However, from graveyard ghouls to ancient prophecies, the towns and cities that dot the Ohio River Valley are awash in stories and campfire tales.

Detroit To Take Stage At World’s Top Architecture Show [Detroit Free Press]
“One of our motivations is to break some of the Detroit stereotypes. Rather than having this approach of ‘fixing’ Detroit as if Detroit quote-unquote needs to be saved, we think the history, the experience, the reality of Detroit creates an important voice that can help generate models that are significant globally.”

Banner photo by Serge Melki

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