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Niagara Falls Is Going To Go Dry – Again [The Buffalo News]
Costs to return these stone arch bridges to working condition in the park are estimated at between $21.6 million to $37.3 million, depending on the repair option. Money will be secured after a plan is chosen and State Parks will be able to evaluate opportunities for state and federal funding for the bridge replacement project.

The Hopes And Fears Of Toledo’s Syrian Refugees [The Kernel]
Toledo’s place as a hub for Syrian refugees isn’t surprising. Toledo’s Arab-American community, dubbed Little Syria, has been part of the Rust Belt city’s culture for nearly a century and is well-integrated into Toledo’s wider culture.

Brick & Mortar Barber Shop Adds To Growing Services In Downtown Indy [The Indianapolis Star]
Burdine, an Indianapolis native, could have taken his business to Detroit or another Rust Belt city primed for urban renewal. Ultimately, he decided to stay in the place he calls home. “I thought it would be nice to do my part for the area and help it grow.”

From One Tiny House, A Neighborhood May Grow [90.9 WBUR]
Pittsburgh is getting its first tiny house: a 330-square-foot, open-concept dwelling that resembles a studio apartment with a porch and a foundation. The hope is that it will be one of many more to come.

Stop Giving New York Transplants All The Credit For Detroit’s Art Scene [Huffington Post]
It’s the latest example of how an influx of development and mostly white newcomers could shape the majority-black city as longtime residents fear they’ll be shut out of its future.

Cleveland’s Growth Of College-Educated Millennial Residents Is Among Top 10 In U.S. [Crain’s Cleveland Buisiness]
“We are on the early edge of this fifth migration – and our explosive millennial population growth is changing the face and trajectory of Cleveland. We need to understand its impact on the city and the neighborhoods and rapidly harness the local and regional resources to sustain this momentum.”

Local (Lawrence County, PA) Photographers Launch ‘Rust Belt Lifestyle’ Magazine [New Castle News]
“As an artist, I’m more of the impressionist school, where things are beautiful, and there’s power in those images. You might accuse me of seeing the area through rose-colored glasses, but this is how I see it. It’s beautiful here.”

Banner photo of Toledo, OH by Aaron Shirk.

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