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Mapping Pennsylvania’s Worsening Heroin Crisis [PennLive]
Fueled by a boom in prescription pain medicine, heroin and related drug overdoses increased by 20 percent in 2014. And based on preliminary reports to the Pennsylvania Coroner’s Association, the number of overdose deaths in Pennsylvania likely increased again in 2015.

MANSFIELD: On Being Invisible [CoolCleveland]
After leaving the bar I was able to sort it out, and here’s my take: These white folks are in love with a form of black music and culture enough to steal it and make it their own, just as long as there are no black folks coming into their watering hole and ordering a beer.

Forbes, SeriousEats Figure Out What We Knew [Cincinnati Enquirer]
“We hear a lot these days about the revival of many of once-great American cities, from the Rust Belt of Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and all the way down to Houston. Everyone’s got their own list, but most anyone’s should include Cincinnati.”

Cleveland Lands Another National Ranking We Could Do Without: Phillip Morris [Plain Dealer]
It’s not like this town is without a detectable pulse. We still build stuff, and we do it well. We are widely noted for world-class health care and health care innovation. We are capable of attracting events like the Republican National Convention, which comes to town in July. So why are we so distressed and what can we do about it?

Commitment To Great Lakes Sought [The Blade]
With primary elections approaching in Michigan, Ohio, and most other Great Lakes states, several groups representing the region’s businesses, industries, mayors, and environmentalists implored the presidential candidates to commit themselves to the world’s largest source of fresh surface water.

Indiana Has Highest Rate Of Black Homicide Victims, Study Says [Indianapolis Star]
The study uses FBI homicide data to rank states according to their black homicide victimization rates. According to the study, there were 213 black homicide victims in Indiana in 2013, or 34.15 victims per 100,000 people.

Six Shooter Coffee Aims For A Neighborhood Vibe [Crain’s Cleveland Business]
“We hire people only from the neighborhood and collaborate with a program called LEAP, which hires people who are developmentally disabled. We want the area to succeed, and we want the people to succeed with it.”

Banner photo by W. Rickman.

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