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Take A Trip To Cleveland Where WV ‘Polka King’ Takes Center Stage [Charleston Gazette-Mail]
In tribute to “America’s Polka King,” the intersection of Waterloo Road and East 152nd Street in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood, once favored both by Slovenes and Croats, was named Frankie Yankovic Square in 2007.

Caught in the Middle: What Is Indiana’s Brand? [Indianapolis Monthly]
Starting now, Hoosiers will mark those two centuries of Indiana history with a yearlong party. But what, exactly, are we commemorating? That the state lasted this long? Was there any doubt that it would? No — we’re really celebrating the idea of Indiana, even as a new generation works to revive and rebuild the legacy we inherited.

Allegheny County Airport Authority CEO Reflects On First Year [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
Ms. Cassotis has been impressed by how invested Pittsburghers, from CEOs on down, are in the airport and how willing they are to help to make it better. That local engagement, as well as the seeds the authority has planted, should lead to even better things this year, she predicted.

GRBJ: Report Credits Grand Rapids With A ‘Great Turnaround’ [WZZM-TV]
“Among secondary markets, Grand Rapids has pulled off one of the great turnarounds. In the past four or five years, the hard work from a decade or more ago is coming to fruition, from the riverfront development to re-concentrating on the downtown core.”

Flint, Part Two? Ohio Town’s Pipes May Be Contaminated With Lead [The Christian Science Monitor]
“Flint is a microcosm. The maintenance of water systems and wastewater systems is not just an urban problem, or a problem for places with low-income residents. It’s a problem all over the nation that needs to be addressed.”

I Shall Now Tell You Which States Belong To The Midwest [NBC Sports]
…if you honestly think Michigan and Ohio are not part of the Midwest you’re so deluded I’d ask you to consult a physician so that you may be put on medication and/or be confined to a long-term treatment facility.

Banner photo of Grand Rapids by Steven Depolo.

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