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Redefining ‘Rust Belt’: Youngstown’s Technology Boom []
“It’s a very tight-knit community. It’s very easy to go talk to the chamber of commerce, go talk to the president of the university, and actually start to come up with things that we can do together that have a big impact.”

An Ambridge Kid Looks Back In Rust Belt Boy [Pittsburgh City Paper]
Hertneky uses one of the hardest-hit cities in Western Pennsylvania to tell the familiar story of the baby boomers, who left cities in droves as manufacturing jobs declined only to return with a better appreciation for their hometowns.

Revived Pennsylvania Rust Belt Looks To Test Trump’s Appeal [The Japan Times]
“If you were to design the perfect Trump location, the Lehigh Valley was that 25 years ago. It is a different place now. Some of the blue collar appeal that Trump may be having in other areas of the country or the state may have less of a target here.”

The $100 Million Fund That’s Fostering Detroit’s Minority Startup Entrepreneurs [Forbes]
The Rust Belt doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking of entrepreneurship, but over the last nine years, a $100 million fund has quietly been raising the next generation of unlikely founders.

Indiana Relishes Its Surprising Spotlight In The GOP Race [Los Angeles Times]
“The problem people here have with him more than anything is the ideological warrior. We’re a pretty pragmatic bunch in this state. We look to people who have their philosophical beliefs, but what’s important is getting the work done.”

Confirmed: Detroit Needs More Retail [Curbed]
There are certainly more restaurants and bars popping up in the city (almost every week, it seems). But progress is slow and anyone who lives here would agree that a few more grocery stores are necessary, and just normal retail (instead of high-end shops) would benefit so many living in the city.

Banner photo of the Harmony Society gardens in Ambridge, PA by Leepaxton, via Wikimedia Commons.

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