Friday, August 14 It is time to be DEVOtional at the Beachland Ballroom and celebrate Akron’s guys in funny hats. Special guests include, surprise!–guys from DEVO. Plus free chili dogs and tacos. What DEVOtee would miss this?

Saturday, August 15 Speaking of religious activities, The Feast of Assumption is today in Little Italy! For the 117th year. (pre-feast reading: the best literary treatment of this spectacle is Salvatore Scibona’s The End.)

Sunday, August 16 Cleveland can rightly brag about its comics roots; it is the home of the creators of Superman as well as Harvey Pekar. You can be sure it does a good Comic Com. Check out NEO Comic Con in Strongsville today.

Monday, August 17 Do you believe in spending your money locally but buy groceries at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s? Heinen’s is locally owned; maybe pick up tonight’s dinner there instead.

Tuesday, August 18 Lunch meeting? Have it at Provenance, in the atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Then stroll through the galleries to close the deal. You will feel uplifted, cultured and full afterwards–and admission, as always, is free.

Wednesday, August 19 What to become an education activist? You’re in luck! Siegel Lifelong Learning is partnering with the League of Women Voters, Case Western Reserve and other great institutions to hold a forum on just this topic.

Thursday, August 20 Want a curated bag of farm fresh goods you can make into dinner…even if you are carnivorous? Fresh Fork Market is the place for you. Pick up a bag on Thursday on the east, west, north and south side.

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