Friday, August 28  Launch parties for the new issues of CAN Journal are THE place to mingle with the city’s active, friendly, talented visual artists. The fall issue will be celebrated at Gordon Square’s 1point618 Gallery, and include (legally served) drinks.

Saturday, August 29 One of the most provocative painters working today, Kehinde Wiley creates lush portraits that are also statements on art history. Hear him talk at 2 pm today at the Cleveland Public Library. 

Sunday, August 30 For 30 hours this weekend, folks will be dancing at the Tango Bowling Marathon at Mahall’s; join them for the final stretch. 

Monday, August 31 They probably won’t ask “Who is Cleveland named after?” They will try to stump you with tougher questions. Prove them wrong by guessing correctly at Forest City Trivia Night at BottleHouse brewery. 

Tuesday, September 1 When Belt wrote about great Mexican restaurants in the Midwest, Luchita’s did not get a nod. That’s a shame, because it is our favorite, longstanding place in town, especially on Taco Tuesdays

Wednesday, September 2 Five guys meeting regularly at a deli that seems suspiciously like Jack’s? Sounds like a table you often see when you go get egg creams—and it is also the premise of On A Technicality, a locally produced film that will be showing at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage at 7 tonight. There will be a Q&A with the director and cast afterwards. 

Thursday, September 3 ’Tis the season to start thinking about your brisket order, and there is really only one place to get your Rosh Hashanah meal: Mr. Brisket. Be sure to sign up for their weekly newsletter, which is also the best in town (present company included).  

Featured image: Kehinde Wiley’s “The Virgin Martyr St. Cecilia.”

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