Friday, August 21 Skull Fest, Pittsburgh’s ever-expanding punk festival, has entered its seventh year. The four-day event, which started August 20 and runs until the 23rd, features more than 60 bands–speed metal, grindcore, and everything in-between–at various venues (none further than a few minutes walk from one another) and even a few secret shows. So you punks better be in the know.

Saturday, August 22 Dormont’s Hollywood Theater is well-known for showing — in addition to indies and classics — the horror films other theaters don’t. Now you can buy some of these rarities at Saturday’s Horror Flea Market. The Hollywood makes it a point to say that the vendors on-hand are non-professionals; like any other flea market, these are just nice folks looking to haggle off what they no longer have room for — which could well include old Toxic Avenger laser discs. 

Sunday, August 23 This planet is screwed. That’s the long and short of it. Thankfully, the Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center is hosting a new show, SPACE ART: An Evening in the Stars, to explore the idea of life in space. Installations, spoken word performance, film, and music all play a part trying to asnwer in the big question: After earth, what’s next?

Monday, August 24 As part of Downtown’s “Mellow Mondays” summer concert series, local singer-songwriter Jack McLaughlin will be performing songs from his first solo album, The Season. While it’s a little early, McLaughlin does have an original Christmas song on the album; its appearance during Monday’s show is unlikely, but who knows?

Tuesday, August 25 Rick Sebak is a Pittsburgh icon, with memorable documentaries for local PBS station WQED such as Kennywood Memories and Flying Off the Bridge to Nowhere! On Tuesday Pittsburghers can watch Rick’s two latest national documentaries, A Few Good Pie Places and A Few Great Bakeries (which will both feature some local spots), on WQED at 8 pm.

Wednesday, August 26 Pittsburgh’s Bike Fest kicked off August 21 with unique events–from adult Big Wheel racing to cemetery tours–and today includes some good stuff: in the morning women are encouraged to #BikeToCoffee at downtown’s Market Square. Later, from 6-8pm, bikers can ride the trails to Homestead’s Pump House to go on a guided tour of the awe-inspiring Carrie Furnace; finally, starting at 7 pm, bikers can ride to a rooftop screening of “The Warriors”: yes, there will be a costume contest. 

Thursday, August 27 Running until the 29th, The Pittsburgh Comedy Festival features everything from midnight stand-up shows to interactive panels on how to be funny. Todd Glass kicks off the fest at the Henry Heymann Theater on Thursday evening.

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