Friday, August 28 Pittsburgh’s rivers are much more welcoming than they once were, and Riverlife Pittsburgh wants to both celebrate and spread awareness for these essential waters with their annual Party at the Pier. This year’s event, called “Posh Picnic” is described as, “A little bit Gatsby, a little bit Wes Anderson;” Michael Keaton is the honorary guest chair.

Saturday, August 29 Sadly, Pittsburgh hovers in or near the top ten most suicidal cities in America, with 2014 figures showing rates at 15.2 per 100,000 residents. However, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is hoping raise awareness to decrease such rates by 20% in the next ten years. Their initiatives include community 5Ks such as Saturday’s “Out of the Darkness Walk” starting at Station Square. 

Sunday, August 30 As summer winds down it’s time to pick those last tomatoes, and there will be no better place for recipe ideas than the 11th annual tomato and garlic fest Red, Ripe, and Roasted at the Phipps Conservatory. There will be vendors and cooking demonstrations and “for even more fun, gardeners are also invited to enter their smallest, largest and ugliest tomatoes for a chance to win a contest prize.” So get those duds out of the compost pile.

Monday, August 31 Sometimes bad movies are better than good movies because few things are more fun than riffing on a really bad one. 1989’s schlock-fi classic R.O.T.O.R. is definitely such a movie, and on Monday you can visit Brew on Broadway to join Neo Trash Video in their MST3K-style dismantling this RoboCop ripoff. After a few minutes in, you’ll see why BYOB is encouraged.

Tuesday, September 1 Have you ever been betrayed? By a person, a cause, an idea? Did you ever betray them? The Moth wants you to talk about it at their Story Slam. The national storytelling venture has live shows throughout the country, and Tuesday’s Pittsburgh event on the South Side’s Rex Theater is open to five-minute stories on the theme of Betrayal. Watch your backs.

Wednesday, September 2 Everyone knows a glass of wine a day is good for the heart, but it’s the wine that gets all the credit; however, on Wednesday night at Drew Hines’ Vessel Studios in the South Side, novice glassblowers will have the opportunity to create their own stemless wine glasses, ensuring that your daily heart medicine is uniquely yours.

Thursday, September 3 Anyone looking to become familiar with Brillobox before next Thursday’s Pittsburgh Anthology book launch party (hint, hint) has the chance to visit the Penn Avenue venue this Thursday with Food Words, a spelling bee to benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Chef Keith Fuller hosts this boozy event for a good cause.

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