The View from Cincinnati

Here's a report from Zan McQuade, editor of Belt’s Cincinnati Anthology, about the role the local and national media played in the election in Ohio.

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A Home Game

A winning tradition? Nah. The Bengals of the 90s were a joke. As a kid I never knew that there’s just no way to prepare yourself for the rending of your heart that comes with fandom.

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When we set about assembling The Cincinnati Anthology, we were looking for all different impressions of the city: the loving, the brutal, and the honest.

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The Cincinnati Privy Disaster of 1904

Although the morning paper said it would be a fair, warming day, the horizon darkened with looming rain. Principal Thomas L. Simmerman watched the fidgeting children lined up in the hall and decided to give them a few minutes of frolic and exercise.

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Repurposing Old Rail Stations in the Rust Belt

Marilyn Rodgers could do just about anything with her Saturday off, but instead she chooses to vacuum a train terminal. The executive director of Buffalo’s Central Terminal Restoration Corporation (CTRC), a nonprofit that’s rehabilitating the city’s vacant train station, goes up and down yards of original Terrazzo flooring, sucking up dirt with an industrial-strength cleaner. “I have to clean my house,” she jokes of the 523,000 square foot space where she frequently visits.

2015-02-13T10:43:19-05:00September 2, 2014|

Neither Created Nor Destroyed

There are people who don’t believe Cincinnati can, should, or will change. But it is changing and I like what I see. I like that I can be a part of it, even from what some would consider the outside.

2015-03-02T14:31:05-05:00June 2, 2014|
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