The U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance Doesn’t Exist, Says New Report [The Guardian]

“Have we been letting a good story get in the way of the facts? The “manufacturing renaissance” has been the central point in the return of America’s industrial power. It even has its own national council. Yet here are the facts: the United States may have added only about one new manufacturing job in the last few years for every five that were lost during the financial crisis and the recession that followed.”

Henry Rollins’s Top 10 Underground Songs [Esquire]

“Ohio was one of the most fertile grounds for what could be called underground music. I could make this list only using bands from this state and do just fine.”

Hard Times at City Halls: Localities Struggle with Damaged Tax Base, State Cuts [Policy Matters Ohio]

“Property values are still below pre-recession levels on a statewide basis, with recovery not forecast until 2017. Some communities, like Lincoln Heights outside of Cincinnati, where median home values fell by 76 percent, or Maple Heights outside Cleveland, where median home values fell by 54 percent, have much longer to wait.”

The 14 Best Start-up Cities In America [Popular Mechanics] [with a Belt shout-out!]

Along with the local biomedical and biotechnical industries (and Trubek’s work at Belt), pushes are also coming from Cleveland’s own little-known maker scene.

The ‘Inner Cleveland’ of Trendy Cities [New Geography]

“Stop fighting expensive housing markets. Stop trying to wedge yourself into an overpriced shoe box apartment in a mediocre neighborhood in a top tier city. Stop driving an hour and a half out to an isolated subdivision just to hold on to your status in a big metroplex.”