In 2014, Adam Shuck started a Pittsburgh-based newsletter, Eat That, Read This. It caught on, filling a gap in the city’s media landscape. To continue the work of the newsletter, Adam launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an online magazine in 2015, and raised over $18,000. The Glassblock  launched on April 25, 2016.

The Glassblock takes a stylish, smart, and in-depth look at Pittsburgh past and present. Some of our favorite pieces include Just Passing Through: A Haphazard History of Pittsburgh Hotels by Karen Lillis, a in-depth look at one of Pittsburgh’s most important roots, horseradish, in  That Old-World Kick: Horseradish in Pittsburgh by Ian Mikrut, and, as if an answer to John Oliver’s call for more funding of local journalism–including hiring reporters to attend dry municipal meetings–a charming comic series called Pittsburgh City Council Comics by Nils “Balls” Hanczar.

Going forward, Belt and The Glassblock plan to work together, weaving together our  approaches to writing about Pittsburgh. For now, sign up for their weekly newsletter; they will send you free snacks!