The Night Ministry

I do some work with the Night Ministry. If I know someone on the street that needs their help I’ll guide them to that person.Their title is religious, but I’ve never seen anyone peddle religion. They just try to help people. They distribute needles, clothes, food. There’s a van that I meet up with. Sometimes it carries a nurse, a paramedic or a doctor. They’re part of a program called Street Medicine, where they tend to people that need medical attention right on the street, with cuts, bruises, abscesses. … In this photograph you’re seeing a med student from University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago. He’s checking on the health of two homeless people.They’re camped in a field south of the downtown area of Chicago. He asks basic questions. “How ya feeling?” “Do you need any medical attention?” They open up a little bit and supply answers. If it’s serious, they’ll take them to an ER. These two are from the southwest suburbs. They go by the street names Lucy and Ricky, so yeah, they’re a couple.

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