Ever since the official Cleveland tourism bureau unveiled their “This is Cleveland” campaign in March, our friend Eric Anderson has been working on an alternative version. We think his version captures even more of that never-been-flashy, never-been-trendy flashy trendiness that has always been a primary export around these parts. Click through for the full Cleveland.

Is This Cleveland?

Eric Anderson once changed a tire in the Flats while being watched by a pack of wild dogs. Another time, his car broke down on a lift bridge and had to be pushed to the end so an ore boat could pass through. His book of poems, “The Parable of the Room Spinning” is available from Katywompus Press. “Is This CLE?” is available as a limited edition print by contacting the artist at ericanderson@oh.rr.com.

“Is This CLE?” by Eric Anderson appears in Dispatches from the Rust Belt: The Best of Belt Year One, our first-year print anthology. Order the book here: http://bit.ly/BestOfBelt