Our distinct region — friendly to artists and startups, with problems and bright ideas–deserves outlets for thoughtful, in-depth coverage that not only informs, but reflects, redefines, and raises the standard of what we expect of ourselves. That’s why a group of us — writers, journalists, thinkers — have started Belt, a new online magazine for Cleveland and the Rust Belt.

We made our mark with Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology a book of essays about the region — by people who live here, or used to live here, or just think deep, complicated thoughts about the place. Belt will continue the work of that book by publishing new work — a mix of long-form articles, commentaries and essays — every week.

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Anne Trubek, Editor in Chief
Laura Putre, Managing Editor/Senior Writer
Richey Piiparinen, Senior Writer
and a supporting cast of dozens