Marvels, Mavericks, and Medicine: Cleveland’s Dittrick Museum Presented by Brandy Schillace

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Cleveland has been the epicenter of some of medicine’s greatest breakthroughs—from the treatment of polio, to dialysis technology, to the dawn of cardiac care and transplant surgery. These great discoveries were spearheaded by heroic, fascinating (and sometimes eccentric) medical mavericks. Brandy Schillace of the Dittrick Museum of Medical History will present this history through image and story. Boasting the most comprehensive collection of surgical instruments in America and the largest collection of diagnostic instruments and historical contraceptives in the world, the Dittrick Museum serves as collective memory for what made Cleveland a great medical center. Join us for a talk about Cleveland’s medical marvels and mavericks!  June 10th at 7:30 pm.


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