My wife says I spend five days a year in dear Buffalo, and 360 nights there in my dreams. Thus “The Buffalo Anthology” is the stuff that dreams are made of, covering a broad range of Buffalo experiences, for good and ill. Not another exercise in blind boosterism, the collection fearlessly notes the dark side of an ethnically and racially divided town, of glory days fading as the tax base evaporates, of history ripped down for the paltriest of motives. Oh, the fond memories of food and fellowship are here too, but they are tempered with refreshing reality. Buffalo on the rise deserves this smart and well-written song to itself.– Michael Healy, TV executive, movie writer, and producer.

Publishing November 15 2016. With essays by Wolf Blitzer, Margaret Sullivan, legendary Bills coach Marv Levy, Goo Goo Dolls bass player Robby Takac, novelist Lauren Belfer, 10,000 Maniacs members John Lombardo and Mary Ramsey and many more. Order your copy now.


Buffalo is buzzing. Stroll down Canalside. Count the cranes downtown. Savor the fusion flavors of our restaurants. Hike our hills, jam in our music scene, marvel at our architecture, homes and parks. Our newness is electrifying and sits atop a glorious history of power, disappointment, artistic flair, racial injustice and spicy chicken wings – and we have Niagara Falls in our backyard. Buffalo is a magical place to be and Right Here, Right Now: The Buffalo Anthology, edited by Jody K. Beihl, walks you through the decades through the eyes of more than 65 artists, writers and residents and will remind you what you love and loathe about this city and why you call it home.

Jody K. Biehl is a former editor for Der Spiegel magazine in Berlin, and director of the journalism program at the University at Buffalo.

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