This is an informative piece about an interesting topic. Thanks for writing it.

It would have been valuable to have heard something about the role of that the rise of the Akron-Canton Airport has played in the continued evolution of Cleveland-Hopkins Airport, and the overall dynamic of the region’s air travel market—a market which extends far beyond Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.

A healthy and collegial “coopetition” between Cleveland-Hopkins and Akron-Canton is likely to be an important part of the region’s (air) transportation future. Perhaps this dynamic could be explored in a follow-up piece.

Our region continues to be blessed with two viable commercial airports—each serving a specific niche in the market. Learning how to more effectively leverage both assets will not only bring us closer together as a region, but will serve to ensure that the air travel needs of Northeast Ohio’s residents can continue to be met as effectively as possible.

Jason Segedy