A coronavirus sketchbook, March 2020

By Anne Skove

As COVID-19 has spread across the United States, state governments have been leading the response. I live in Ohio, where I have watched, and sketched, the daily briefings from Governor Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton, Director of Public Health. Below are notes and sketches from these briefings, dated March 16 to March 29, chronicling the unfolding of the crisis in my state.

Skove - 1 Skove - 1

Skove - 3 Skove - 4 Skove - 5 Skove - 6 Skove - 7 Skove - 8 Skove - 9 Skove - 10 Skove - 11 Skove - 12 Skove - 13 Skove - 14Skove - 16



Anne Skove is an artist/writer living in her hometown of Cincinnati. Her work has appeared in local street newspapers, Funny Times, Milk and Honey, and elsewhere. She’s currently responsible for the “Artists’ Rituals” show at the Off Ludlow Gallery. Learn more on her website.

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