“Almost There” Gets There

Documentaries about artists can go wrong in a million different ways. Take John Maloof's recent Finding Vivian Maier, which is more a film about Maloof's transformation from a ragpicker into the self-appointed keeper ...

2015-01-27T11:26:53-05:00December 19, 2014|

Lockdown City

NATO held its international meeting in Chicago a couple months before I decided to quit driving a cab in 2012. Mayor Emanuel turned the city into a militarized showplace for the visitors' benefit.

2015-01-28T14:35:38-05:00October 21, 2014|

Bygone Neighborhoods / Luminous Effects

Every city is a text. You can read the city. My favorite way to read Chicago is like a book of poetry. Not necessarily straight through but jumping around, page to page, focusing hard on one thing, then flipping past others ...

2015-01-28T14:36:34-05:00October 7, 2014|
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