Today’s New York Times praises our latest book, How To Speak Midwestern, calling it a “dictionary wrapped in some serious dialectology inside a gift book trailing a serious whiff of Relevance.”

Jennifer Schuessler describes McClelland’s book as “questioning the resurgent notion — perhaps strongest in the Midwest itself — that Midwesterners are the most authentically American of Americans, starting with their allegedly neutral speech. ‘Accents are an important element of regional identity,’ Mr. McClelland writes. ‘And an important element of Midwestern identity is believing you don’t have an accent’.”

Belt Publishing receives a nice nod as well, described as a “a three-year-old Cleveland start-up that promotes a kind of progressive Rust Belt pride without succumbing to cliché or hipster irony. In addition to producing an online magazine, Belt has put out anthologies dedicated to Akron, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and other cities, along with titles like ‘How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass.’”

How To Speak Midwestern and Belt’s other new, bestselling book, Right Here: Right How: The Buffalo Anthologyare currently difficult to find at Amazon and other online chains, but we always have them in stock in our store. We ship immediately after an order is received and send via Priority Mail. Plus we package with love and gratitude. Shop local!