We have been gathering some of our favorite pieces from our first 2 years into themed collections. When we started Belt in August 2013, we never thought nature would play such a large role. Silly us: we should have realized it always bats last. So here are 

5 Funny, Revealing Essays about Rust Belt Nature

1.) Frogs have sex parties.
Also they eat each other.



2.) Who knew about this river in Detroit?
Henry Ford used to live on it before it was renamed Stinky Creek.



3.) Birders are weird.
And there are lots of warblers. (Related: sea gulls are weird)



4.) Red Clover is abundant in Flint.
Chevy in the Hole is a good place to grow wild lettuce, too.


5.) Bugs have post-coital cigarettes.
At least according to our wacky nature illustrator.



Read more about rusty nature here or here. You can also hang David Wilson on your wall

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