This magazine is now two years old–still a toddler, but steady on her feet. Happy Birthday to us! Here are the stories you most loved to click in our first 24 months–

1.) The Secret History of Chief Wahoo by Brad Ricca.
We look forward to the day when this issue is resolved. Until then, you keep clicking.

2.) Cheese, Please: How Did Pizza Become Windor’s Hottest Export? by Chris Dart
Published August 18, 2015, this piece proved the virality of in-depth pizza coverage.

3.) The Complications of Deteriorating Inner Ring Suburbs by Dan McGraw
How Ferguson proves more attention need be paid to the changing demographics and housing stock of inner rings suburbs.

4.) Tent City in the Heartland by Kailey Sherrick
A moving, personal story of homelessness, loss and perserverance.

5.) Can Detroit Save White People? by Aaron Foley
We will soon be publishing a book by this man, whose witty, incisive takes on “New Detroit” are on view here, too.

6.) Cleveland Heights As It Used to Be by Greg Donley
After a tragic event hit this tightly knit community, Donley offered a clear-eyed take on civic responses.

7.) Repurposing Old Stations in the Rust Belt by Alexa Kurzius
What can be done with those glorious buildings today?

8.) The Fauxtopias of Detroit’s Suburbs by Jim Griffioen
Henry Ford and the allure of nostalgia; also included in our A Detroit Anthology 

9.) Colorblind and Rising by Dan McGraw
The surprising success of a Catholic school in Cleveland.

10.) Busing, A White Girls Tale by Amanda Shaffer
What it was like to be bussed across town, in the other direction.

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