Your Band Sucks: An Interview With Jon Fine

Jon Fine is a longtime business writer currently serving as executive editor of Inc. magazine, a James Beard-award winning food and wine writer, and the former guitarist for such barely-known bands as Bitch Magnet, Vineland, and Coptic Light.

2016-03-25T09:06:13-04:00June 3, 2015|

Being Ernie Krivda

“Play me something” says the tenor master during our first lesson together. I squirm uncomfortably in my socks, having left my shoes at the door of the immaculate if modest music studio.

2015-03-17T09:25:47-04:00March 17, 2015|

A Rust Belt Playlist

The story of the industrial Midwest can be told through the music it inspired. From John Lee Hooker to MC5 to Eminem, here's our playlist of 20 Rust Belt tunes.

2016-03-21T14:29:23-04:00February 3, 2014|
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